Voice Over IP in West Texas and Southern New Mexico

Make the Switch and See the Difference

In addition to offering excellent internet connectivity to residents and businesses in the Southwest, Chaparral Wireless also offers voice over internet protocol services. Voice Over IP is sure to improve the connectivity and efficiency of your business, regardless of its size. This service allows you to call anyone, anywhere, regardless of their location or phone system. 

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What is Voice Over IP?

Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is an alternative to traditional telephones that use cables and wires. Instead of transmitting your voice using these conventional methods, VoIP uses your internet connection to make phone calls. This revolutionary technology uses the internet to take your voice, convert it into digital data, and transmit it via the online web. It does this in milliseconds and allows you to make clear, unlimited phone calls to anyone worldwide. 

Our VoIP in El Paso, Las Cruces, and Chaparral allows you to communicate exactly as you would with a traditional, wired phone system but with increased efficiency and precision. As long as you have a solid internet connection with Chaparral Wireless’ Voice over IP service, you won’t run into any communication issues.

How Does VoIP Work?

Despite sounding complicated and scientific, VoIP is a straightforward process. Here’s how it works. 

  1. Our voice over internet providers will install it on all the laptops and computers at your workplace. 
  2. As long as these computers are connected to your wireless internet LAN, the VoIP software will also be. 
  3. You can use your VoIP to dial phone numbers, send text messages, and receive voicemails. 
  4. When you dial a number, your voice over internet protocol system will call the number exactly as you would with a traditional telephone. 
  5. Your VoIP system is equipped with audio/visual technology, allowing you to talk and converse precisely as with a telephone. 
  6. Your voice is transmitted via your internet connection to the other party, and their voice gets sent back to you. 

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VoIP Vs. Landline Phones

While our VoIP and landline phones perform similar functions and allow for voice communication, they do so differently. Landline phones are connected via cables and wires and use these entities to transport your voice. Conversely, VoIP relies on your internet connection to transmit your voice and handle communications.

Because landline (analog) phones are connected via wires and cables, your calls are prone to cutting in and out. It’s also possible for one of these wires to get severed, resulting in a dropped phone call. You’ll then have to wait to resume the phone call until a utility company has time to repair the damage.

Compared to landline phones, our voice over internet protocol is much more reliable, efficient, and transparent during conversations. As long as your internet connection is solid, there’s no risk of dropping a phone call.

Additionally, VoIP can handle multiple devices on the same network, while a landline phone is a standalone device, and you need individual lines for every phone. According to a recent survey performed by Century Link, over half of the businesses prefer our voice over IP to other forms of communication.

Benefits You Can Expect

If you still aren’t sold on using VoIP for your business, here are a few additional benefits it offers:

Option for Multiple Devices

If your business has VoIP in El Paso, Las Cruces, or Chaparral, you can connect multiple phones, laptops, and devices to the network and don’t need individual connections for every device.

Very Affordable Option

With landline phones, you have to pay monthly bills to a phone company to manage and repair your phone lines. This is very expensive, and VoIP is much cheaper. 

Flexibility and Portability

With VoIP, you’re not bound to the reach of a telephone line or cable. You can talk to anyone, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. 

An All-in-One Communication Tool

In addition to handling phone calls, VoIP allows you to send SMS text messages, receive and send voicemails, make video calls, make conference calls, and call management. Using our VoIP, you can do all this much more securely and concisely than you could with an analog telephone.

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Who to Contact for All Your VoIP Needs

If you’re ready to upgrade your business and invest in VoIP technology, look no further than Chaparral Wireless. In addition to being one of the leading wireless internet providers in the Southwest, we’re also a leader in VoIP technology and repair. That way, you get the best of what you need at an affordable price.

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