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Cable and Broadband Internet Providers

If you own a home or business and don’t have internet access, it’s high time that you take a step into the future. Internet access is how various parts of the modern world communicate with one another. It allows businesses to operate smoothly, conduct transactions, and share with their suppliers and distributors. 

Get started on installing your internet access with your local providers. Chaparral Wireless provides broadband internet access in the Southwest USA. Along with our  voice over IP, and wide area networking, our clients can choose from various kinds of plans to choose from so our community can stay in touch with one another and be up to date on current events. 

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What is Internet Access?

Simply put, internet access refers to the ability of computers, phones, and other electrical devices to connect. They do this by connecting to the internet, which is a system of worldwide computer networks that are connected to each other. As long as you have internet access, you can meet or communicate with anyone who also has internet access. 

While this may sound intrusive to some, there are safeguards you can put in place to make for secure internet access in West Texas and Southern New Mexico. That way, only people you trust and permit can access your computer and vice versa. The quality and strength of your internet access will depend on who your internet provider is and the type of wireless internet access they offer.  

Benefits of Reliable Internet Access

There’s no doubt that the internet has changed the way the world communicates and interacts. There are so many potential benefits that you will see for your business or in your home when you have abundant and reliable internet access. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Instant and more reliable access to information about healthcare, illnesses, and healthcare options.
  • Accessible communication with friends and family members all over the world.
  • The ability to communicate with business partners globally.
  • Business owners can have their employees sharpen their skills, get licensed, and receive certifications online. 
  • Removing distance barriers that generally exist between people. 
  • You can now attend college and increase your learning if you have internet access. 
  • The ability to search and apply for jobs.
  • Many, many more 

Our internet access in El Paso, Chaparral, Las Cruces, and surrounding areas allows you to see, do, and learn previously impossible things based on geographical restrictions. You can do everything from attending online seminars and colleges to playing games to running a business using the internet.

Types of Internet Connections

While internet access refers to your ability to access the worldwide web from any location, there are several ways. These different methods are made possible because of various types of internet connections, including the most common such as: 

WiFi hotspots

A WiFi hotspot is where you have an internet connection through an internet router but on a limited basis. Hotspots are very local and don’t allow for broad-reaching internet access. 


While dial-up internet was groundbreaking when it first came out, it’s now an outdated and rarely-used form of internet access. Dial-up internet relies on using your phone lines to access the internet.


Broadband internet access is the most modern and common form of internet access. Broadband access is the fastest type of internet and is available through various companies, including Chaparral Wireless.


While similar to broadband DSL internet, satellite internet access relies on a modem connected via satellites rather than cables. Satellite internet is fast and reliable but expensive and only used when broadband access in El Paso, Chaparral, and surround areas is unavailable. 


A DSL connection is like a combination of a dial-up connection and broadband internet access. You use a telephone line, similar to dial-up internet, but your connection is much faster, and you can use your telephone while you’re linked to the internet. 


Cable internet access is a type of broadband internet connection that uses cables to connect you to the internet. Using this internet connection, you will have a modem or router that’s connected to the internet using cables, similar to how cable television works. 

How to Improve Internet Speed

Regardless of what type of internet access you have, it’s always possible to improve your internet speeds up to a certain point. Slow internet access will impede your ability to communicate, send messages, slow your download time, and watch videos and live television using the internet. 

If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your home or business internet access, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Ensure that your internet router is in a good location to send and receive digital signals with little to no interference. Keep the router in a high, open area within your home to prevent these issues. 
  2. The more phones, computers, TVs, and other devices you have connected to your internet, the slower your connection will be. Therefore, if you have slow internet speed, consider disconnecting unused devices from your internet. 
  3. Reboot or restart your internet router if you have a broadband internet connection. 
  4. Contact us at Chaparral Wireless for the best, fastest, and most secure internet access in El Paso, Chaparral, Las Cruces, and surrounding areas.

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