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Wireless Internet Service Providers

Serving West Texas and Southern New Mexico

When selecting a new Internet service for your home or business, you want one you can rely on anytime. There are many wireless internet providers across the country to choose from. But what if you had a local provider who could deliver affordable and quality options at a much lower price?

Based in Chaparral, NM, Chaparral Wireless is a wireless Internet service provider in West Texas and Southern New Mexico. We are determined to provide each of our customers with upstream fibers for a fast and reliable digital connection. With a variety of wireless plans for you to choose from, you’ll get the best Internet whenever and however you want.

Learn more about our wireless ISP services in El Paso, Chaparral, Las Cruces, and surrounding areas today by contacting us online or calling (575) 824-3145.

Gadsden Outreach Program

Helping families throughout the El Paso and New Mexico border has always been our goal. That is why we are part of the Gadsden Outreach Program and Affordable Connectivity Program. Partnering with Gadsden Independent School District in Doña Ana County, NM, we are helping students get the free digital connection at home they need for their education and success.

To learn more about the Gadsden Outreach Program, please call 575-824-4255.

What We Do

We understand how important the Internet is to your household, business, and community. That is why our core value as a wireless Internet service provider in El Paso, Chaparral, and Las Cruces is to deliver fast and dependable Internet service no matter rain or shine. After scheduling an appointment, our experts will recommend which Chaparral Wireless plan is right for you, including our ongoing deals and promotions.

Who We Are

Since we opened our doors, Chaparral Wireless has been a wireless internet service provider (WISP) that our customers can depend on. Our team has supported and exceeded the needs of our West Texas and Southern New Mexico customers for nearly two decades with our unwavering dedication, experience, and understanding of what each of our customers needs.

Our Services

As your wireless internet service provider/WISP in El Paso, Chaparral, Las Cruces, and surrounding areas, we ensure you don’t just get basic Internet service but the service that benefits you the most. Our team offers thoughtful recommendations about what services best suit your needs and location. That way, you can enjoy an Internet connection that gives you all you need and more.

From high speeds to strong WiFi signals, we offer:

Internet Access

Need access or administration over something that’s on the Internet? Not a problem. As your WISP, Chaparral Wireless can ensure you get your device’s digital coverage and control, including parent controls, monitoring systems, firewalls, and virus protection.

Voice Over IP

Remote work has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially with the help of voice over IPs such as Zoom and Google Chat. That is why we provide Internet plans that are perfect in high definition, speed, and storage for choosing your Voice Over IP platform. With our plans, you can decide how to meet your needs and others remotely without worrying about lagging screens or low-quality audio.

Wide Area Networking

Connecting your devices and storage applications into one unit, wide area networking (WAN) can span a building or even different locations. Plans and packages at Chaparral Wireless guarantee all that and more for your home, business, or school. With these plans, everybody can get fast and reliable service without extra coverage. 

Packages & Plans

When you choose us, you get bundles and deals that are out of this world. Starting with our low-cost installation prices, you can get more storage and higher speeds with high-quality resolution no matter which of our services you choose.

Basic TV Package
(Cable TV only)

starting at $74.99

Internet & Cable TV Package

starting at $120, our digital deal can get you all the fast and reliability you need. With our digital box deal, popular streaming platforms such as Starz, Showtime, TMC, HBO, and Cinemax can be yours.

School package

Ongoing promotions or offers for local school districts that include up to 100×100 megabytes per second.

Custom Package

 If you need an Internet service specific to your needs, we create a custom package from 20megs to 10gig. Call for pricing!

Who We Can Help

We are dedicated to helping every resident in our coverage area with Internet plans and deals that give them the speedy and easy-to-use service they need. Answering questions, installing new services, and repairing network issues are part of our commitment to you as our customer, so you can trust Chaparral Wireless to get the job done right.

As a local area resident, we are proud to provide you with a quality Internet connection. That way, you can stream your favorite platforms, play new games, and connect with others for remote work or quality time.

Got a sports bar that needs the latest games and highlights? Or a dentist's office with ceiling TVs for your patients to watch during their appointments? With Chaparral Cable Vision, your place of employment can get the channels and entertainment your patrons can enjoy.

We want to make sure the next generation of great minds gets the education and digital tools they need to succeed. That’s why we offer local schools, community colleges, and universities amazing deals for the largest and fastest plans, including our 100x100 megabytes per second student package.

Why Choose Chaparral Wireless

Chaparral Wireless is all about delivering Internet excellence. Our packages, plans, and program are all designed to ensure that you get exactly what you need and more with your wireless Internet connection. Strong WiFi signals, fast speeds, large storage for downloads and content, and more can be yours with room to grow by choosing us as your wireless ISP. And not only do we provide installation, maintenance, and problem resolution for any network issues you may experience.

We are here for you. Schedule an appointment with us online or call (575) 824-3145 for the best wireless internet service provider in El Paso, Chaparral, Las Cruces, and surrounding Southwest areas.

Areas We Serve

Since first opening our doors, Chaparral Wireless has proudly served our local community by offering the fastest and most efficient wireless services.

West Texas and New Mexico

Our specialists cover the West Texas and Southern New Mexico border, with our base of operations located in Chaparral, NM.

Contact Us for Fast and Dependable Internet!

Looking for Internet shouldn’t be hard. If you need fast, reliable, and affordable speed, contact Chaparral Wireless! We will make sure you get the Internet you need to keep your home or business running.

Call us at (575) 824-3145 or contact us online to learn more about our wireless internet services in El Paso, Chaparral, Las Cruces, and surrounding Southwest areas.